Vision and Mission


To be a leading and environmentally-friendly industrial organization contributing to Turkish Economy and to the worldwide perception of the quality of Turkish products. To be in the Top 500 Industrial Organizations of Turkey and to preserve this.


  • To adopt a production approach that respects nature, preserves green and keeps carbon footprint at the lowest possible level and to develop environmentally-friendly innovative products.
  • To minimize energy and raw material costs by following alternative ways and methods and to offer our customers competitive prices without compromising on quality by using technology as productivity leverage.
  • To work with high efficiency by taking advantage of possibilities offered by advanced technology and alternative seed varieties in order to fill the gap in the field of raw oil that can be produced only half of the need in Turkey and save our country from foreign-dependence.
  • To create a value chain that consists of rings supporting each other through a fully integrated manufacturing, starting from planting of seeds in the field.
  • To provide our customers supply of raw material with enriched quality.
  • To serve renewable energy investments, primarily in biodiesel.  To contribute to increasing the harmony between technology and the nature.
  • To adopt a simple production model based on performing of work right at one time and considering all efforts without any value for our customers as waste.
  • To be always open to public, giving them the opportunity to become a partner of the value created.