Semi Refined Vegetable Oil

Semi-refined vegetable oil is produced through  neutralization and bleaching process which are the first two stages of production of refined vegetable oil.  Not fully refined, but semi-refined vegetable oil is produced by not applying winterization and deodorization proceses,  the next two stages. This product is produced to provide raw materials  needed in energy (biodiesel fuel) and chemical industries rather than food consumption.

Having fully automatic processing unit with high-tech machinery and equipment park, Altınyağ meets the orders from all around Turkey, as well as from abroad, with a capacity of nearly 250 tons per day in the production of semi-refined vegetable oil.

Semi-refined oil types:

  • Semi-refined linseed oil
  • Semi-refined camelina oil
  • Semi-refined canola oil
  • Semi-refined sunflower oil
  • Semi-refined soy oil
  • Semi-refined corn oil
  • Semi-refined safflower oil