Quality Approach

Adopting a principle that places the customer at the center of every process, thus preventing any compromise in quality, Altınyağ carries out its production within the framework of superior quality standards.  Having established the first in-house laboratory in Turkey for quality control of seed and oil processing, Altınyağ performs the required quality analyses for all types of seeds and final products.

Altınyağ’s state-of-the-art laboratory is utilized by three R&D experts to perform seed, oil, meal and water analyses.  Altınyağ, along with its employees, adopts the quality approach and standards as an integral part of corporate culture to achieve a production complying with legal provisions and regulations, fulfilling customer demands, while keeping its existing resources alive to achieve excellence and striving for the best service possible.

It produces its products according to the predefined standards and specifications, carrying out individual quality analyses in various phases of production.  Therefore, the fulfillment of quality control principles in every phase is approved before proceeding to the next step.  Analyses are repeated during raw material input, production processes and prior to shipment, following the mission to minimize environmental impacts, while preserving the utmost quality.

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