Partnership Structure


Name of Shareholder Capital Amount (TL) Share Ratio (%) 
Artı Investment Holding, Inc. 5.725.156,69  9,54 
Karsusan Karadeniz Aquaculture Industry, Inc. 5.300.00,00  8,83 
Etiler Food and Trade Investment Industry and Trade Inc. 4.209.266,29 7,01 
Mehmet ÇETİNER  3.824.000,00  6,37
Şerif Hüseyin YALTIRIK 1.413.572,00 2,36
Other Group (A) Shareholders 93.002,56 0,16
GROUP A TOTALS 20.564.997,54 34,27
Other Group (B) Shareholders 39.435.002,46  65,73
GROUP B TOTALS 39.435.002,46 65,73
TOTAL CAPITAL 60.000.000,00  100,00 


Information Pertaining to Shares Representing the Capital
Registered / Bearer Privileges (Oner, type) Nominal Value per Share (TL)  Total (TL)  Capital Ratio(%) 
Bearer Group (A) Privileged 0,01 20.564.997,54 34,27
Bearer Group (B) Public 0,01  39.435.002,46 65,73
TOTAL  60.000.000,00 100,00


Currently, the Foreign Exchanges where Partnership Capital Market Instruments are Quoted or the Organized Markets They are Traded.
Type of Quoted Capital Markets Instrument Starting Date of being Quoted / Traded Country of Related Market / Stock Exchange Name of Related Market / Stock Exchange Segment of the Market / Stock Exchange 
Stock 23.05.2000 Turkey Borsa İstanbul National Market