Our Values

  • Honesty and trust
    We are aware of the fact that we need to gain the trust of our employees, shareholders, customers and the entire ecosystem in order to achieve all of our goals.  We continue our efforts to preserve the principles of honesty and trust, which we observed so far without any exception,  with utmost care.
  • Customer satisfaction  
    We strive to understand our customers’ expectations and provide the best products and services under the most suitable conditions.  This approach enables us to establish long term business relations with our customers.  
  • Employee happiness
    Altınyağ is a large and powerful family with its employees.  We strive to keep our employees happy in this family environment built upon compassion, respect and trust.
  • Social responsibility
    While achieving our goals for growth and profitability, we also aim to contribute to the development of the environment and the society.
  • Simple management
    We focus on creating value, avoiding all forms of waste and complicated solutions.
  • Result-oriented
    All of our work is based on predetermined systems and standards.  We do what needs to be one, not what we can.
  • Sustainability
    Our commitment to our employees, shareholders and customers is sustainable and profitable growth.  We renew our investments and product range in line with the market dynamics and expectations, creating sustainable values.  We keep our values alive for sustainability.