Ethical Principles


The Ethical Principles of Altınyağ Combine, Inc., is an indispensable set of rules that regulate the relationships of all Company employees within the Company and the relationships of the Company with all stakeholders. 

Altınyağ Combine, Inc. expects all of its employees, including the Board of Directors, to comply with the highest standards of business ethics and to manage and perform their works according to diligent, ethical, professional and legal standards. 

The ethics in question is crucial for Altınyağ Combine, Inc. and failure to abide by these rules may result in dismissals and disciplinary actions. 

Announced Business Ethics of Altınyağ Combine, Inc. 

1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Corporate Management Principles 

  • The company complies with all national and international rules and internal regulations but primarily legislation. 
  • The company complies with all relevant laws, regulations and rules without any discrimination in their relationships with investors and shareholders. 
  • All financial transactions are registered accurately and timely in compliance with Generally Accepted accounting principles. All payments and transactions are supported with proper documents that clearly define and explain their natures and purposes. 
  • The company informs its employees on Corporate Management principles, ensures their adoption within the company and monitors their complete compliance with these principles. 
  • The company ensures that any kind of information it has publicly announced is comprehensible, correct, clear, timely and complete. 

2. Liabilities against the employees 

  • The company makes sure that its employees work in a safe and healthy environment, suitable for working conditions. 
  • No discrimination is allowed based on gender, sexual orientation, marital status, faith, color, race, religion, age, ethnic origin, nationality, citizenship status and disability. 
  • The company act fairly against its employees in terms of education, career, recruitment and promotion and offer them equal opportunities. 
  • The company pays attention to recruit an appropriate number of employees for each duty and  to make sure that its employees act with the consciousness of the office hours. Being aware of the importance of use of annual leaves by every employee, the company properly organizes and ensures use of annual leaves. 
  • The company show due care to exercise all rights of the employees that may arise due to the legislation fully and timely.

3. Fair and honest performance of business 

  • The improvement of the sector, observing common benefits and ensuring sustainability of the trust in the sector are very important for the company. 
  • The company observes fair competition conditions in its relationships with its sector competitors. 
  • The employees of Altınyağ Combine, Inc. reject any bribe from anyone, including government officials and all decision makers. 
  • It is guaranteed that while working with suppliers, intermediaries or other third party representatives, no settlements are reached by making any concessions with presents and entertainment. 
  • Altınyağ Combine, Inc. treats all information obtained related to its business, procedures, operations and employees as “confidential information” and utilize them for lawful performance of the duties only. 

4. Prevention of Conflicts of Interest 

  • It is forbidden for an Altınyağ employee or his/her family or relatives to gain personal benefit by taking the advantage of his/her position within the company, or establishing close relationships with persons or organizations that may obtain benefit from the professional decisions s/he is to take or the confidential information s/he has. 
  • In the course of their duties, the employees try to protect the company’s interests and avoid any kind of action or behavior that may be perceived as gaining benefit for them or their relatives. 
  • It is also a conflict of interest case when an employee obtains personal benefits which are not appropriate due to his/her position. No employee may gain any benefit from company operations for himself/herself, family members or relatives, may utilize company properties, information and positions for his/her personal interest or may engage in competition with the company. 

Altınyağ Combine, Inc. Board of Directors and Company Executives declare that; 

  • they will act in an honest and reliable manner, including in ethical evaluation of conflicts of interest arisen or to be arisen between their personal relationships or financial or commercial benefits and their responsibilities to Altınyağ, 
  • they will not surrender to the pressures that may result in negative results for the shareholders and they will not accept any tangible benefits, 
  • purchase and sale of shares of the shareholders and senior executives who have a say in the management are subject to notification, 
  • they will not disclose any company information that are confidential and/or has a nature of commercial secret to the public, 
  • they will make complete, fair, accurate, timely and understandable statements in all reports and documents disclosed to the public or submitted to the regulators of the capital markets where the company is registered.