Details on Privileged Shares

The Company’s issued capital of 105,000,000.00 TL comprises the Group (A) Privileged shares amounting to 20.021.745,686 TL and Group (B) Public Shares amounting to 84.978.254,314 TL.

Privileges relating to the Group (A) Privileged Shares are as follows;

- Dividend Privilege; Without prejudice to the primary dividend, 10% of the net profit is distributed to the Group (A) shares in proportion to their share ratios.

- Voting Privilege; The shareholders or their proxies attending Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly meetings are entitled to 10 (Ten) votes for each Group (A) share and 1 (One) vote for each Group (B) shares.

- Privilege of Nomination to the Board of Directors; The Company’s activities and administration is carried out by the Board of Directors consisting of at least 5 (five) and up to 9 (nine) members elected by the General Assembly in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Markets Regulation and the provisions of this Contract. Each and every member of the Board of Directors shall be elected among the candidates nominated by Group (A) shareholders. The members elected to the Board of Directors shall be subject to the approval of Group (A) shareholders in the first General Assembly as per the Turkish Commercial Code.