Crude Oil

Crude oil is produced by pressing the seed which is crushed in crushing machines in crushing unit; then the oil in it is subtracted and the remaining oily meal is treated with proper solvent in extraction unit.

With the production at international quality standards, Atınyağ meets the need of both domestic and foreign refinery oil manufacturers. Its crude oil manufacturing plants with the capacity of producing approximately 350 tons oil seed per day, as well as its experienced team, high-tech equipment and specialty in this field strengthens its claim in the sector. Besides its crude oil production units, Altınyağ's storage tanks also have the most advanced facilities offered by the technology. In this field, in which Turkey is foreign-dependent, Altınyağ has a strategic role with its production in meeting Turkey's own needs, therefore
steadily continues to make investment in this field without slowing down.

Crude oil types:

  • Crude linseed oil
  • Crude camelina oil
  • Crude soy oil
  • Crude sunflower oil
  • Crude canola oil
  • Crude corn oil
  • Crude safflower oil