Chairman of the Executive Board Message

başkan yardımcısı resimRestructured in a short time following its merger with Artı Investment Holding, our company turned its face to production of raw oil in 2012, for which the global need and demand increases, focusing on raw material production for food and energy industries. Our investments are aimed at food and energy - the most critical businesses of the future - as well as chemistry and the paint industries.

We have started the production of oils that are used in feed industry and other industrial areas, as well as semi-refined vegetable oil for production of bio-diesel which is an environmentally-friendly, renewable energy source and the ratio of which will increase within the fuel mix as per the EU standards, and we have set ourselves challenging targets in this field.

After confirming alignment of our sectoral targets we set under our new structure with our customers' requests, we decided to increase our capacity. At the end of 2013, we obtained the Investment Incentive Certificate and started a journey that will increase Raw Oil production and double our refined oil capacity. With our investments that we will be finalized in November 2015, we will open one of the most modern facilities that our country would have and will be an example industrial organization with this environmentally-friendly facility.

On the other hand, we took a great step in horizontal growth in Turkish feed industry thanks to the Karsusan Karadeniz Aquaculture Industry that we incorporated in the beginning of 2015. We aim to make a name in this field as one of the examplary companies by ensuring efficient operation of our facility located in Sinop.

In short, during this process in which Turkey passes a significant threshold in raw oil production, we are placing Altınyağ in a position to contribute to Turkey’s recognition as a leading country for oil production, securing sustainability through our corporate structure and projections, looking towards a brighter future.

I’d like to express my gratitude to our employees, partners for their contribution to global competition, technological superiority, volumetric profitability and their share in these achievements, as well as to our clients who chose and believed in us.

Mehmed Nureddin Çevik
Chairman of the Executive Board