Oil meal and feeds are sold as powder, and if desired, they can be prepared as pellets. Pelletization provides easier storage and transportation, while minimizing the feed loss. The pelletizing system offered by Altınyağ enables making precise measurements and logistical ease and strengthens the nutrition of animals. 

As palletized feed prevents selectivity of animals during the feeding , it also removes the risk of escaping the feed to the animals' trachea and lungs. And as the pelletized feed's remain  in the rumen longer, it is utilized better and offers higher nutritional value through the mixture of different substances.

Using high temperature cooking techniques in the production of palletized feed, Altınyağ thus eliminates the risk of harmful microbes created by animals. Due to its advanced technological equipment, Altınyağ ensures each pellet tube has the same nutritional value. Another advantage of pelletized seed is that it has three times longer duration than the powder seed and that some compounds do not cause dissolution in terms of vitamins and minerals by subsiding as seen in powder seed.

Pelletizing process;

  • Crushing of oil seeds
  • Mixing of meal obtained from different seeds
  • Preparation of compounds with tempering techniques
  • Pelletization of meal or feed with special techniques
  • Cooling, screening and packaging stages