About Us

"Quality in every drop."

        Producing vegetable oil as one of the oldest and long-established industrial enterprises of Turkey since 1962, Altınyağ Combine, Inc. has strengthened its production and financing structure with an investment of TRY 53 million and raised its goals to become a global player. Since 2012, the most significant milestones of its history, Altınyağ halted the packed oil production for end-user, focusing on production of raw oil, where the global market is more profitable and less competitive. It has also started production of semi-refined vegetable oil for biodiesel fuel, which sees an increasing demand in the market as an environmentally-friendly product. As a result of this transformation, Altınyağ has become the supplier for its former competitors in cooking oil sector, while expanding its area of activity by offering products to the energy, chemistry and paint industries. Furthermore, the company plans to satisfy the customers’ versatile needs by maintaining the equipment for packed oil production.
        In its high technology plant located in Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone, Altınyağ, with its experienced team, continues its production of raw vegetable oil, semi-refined and fully refined oil from oily vegetable seeds such as sunflower seed, soya bean, canola seed, linseed, flaxseed, corn seed, as well as meal, an indispensable source of feed sector. The plant of Altınyağ is an example and pioneering industrial enterprise with its production and service quality, extending over 31,000 square meter area (15,000 square meter covered area), and has a capacity of treating about 350 tons of oily seed according to seed type and refining approximately 350 tons of vegetable oil according to product type. The production lines that are currently under construction will be commissioned in the second half of 2015, increasing the capacity by 100 percent.
        Adopting the principle of never compromising the quality, Altınyağ constantly analyses the quality of all seeds processed and the quality of all products offered, in private analysis laboratory established in-house. This laboratory is also the first of its kind in Turkey for oil processing.
        With a total of 105 million TL paid-up capital, Altınyağ exportis to 40 countries and also has the Altınyağ Biodiesel as an affiliate company. It shares its profits with the public by being traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange with the code ALYAG and employs nearly 100 employees. Altınyağ increased its turnover to TRY 225 million in a very short time, securing its position in the list of Top 500 Industrial Organizations in Turkey, while expanding its export network in the Middle East, becoming a permanent actor of the region.